The Mental Game Of Golf

Advanced Coaching To Learn How To Overcome Stress And Nerves When Playing Golf

Learn To Overcome Stress And Nerves When Playing Golf

A loss of form over any given time can lead to an emotional state of negativity, anxiety, fear and doubt in your ability as a player. Moreover, poor performance during this emotional state reinforces the doubt to the point when anxiety and fear consumes the mind as you begin questioning yourself. Irrational thinking will continue as you self explore reasons as to why the loss of form is continuing. You begin over responding to possible causes that leads you to confusion and a sensation of feeling lost.

How To Gain Control Over Your Mental Game

The first step in this journey is to identify the underlying cause of your loss of form. This may not be what is currently causing the continuation of form loss as you are now at a point whereby other factors have attached themselves to the initial problem. To determine the root cause you will be sent and asked to complete a very detailed player profile form which is designed to ask you specific questions. After it has be returned you will be scheduled a full performance assessment. During this session, your game, physiology and psychology with be impartially evaluated to discover the underlying cause. Finally, a rebuild programme and support package based upon the findings will be provided to give you the tools to take back control of your performance.

Mentally Toughing You Up Winning Golf Tournaments

Becoming The Golf Warrior

Talent and skills get a person on tour but what makes a player win is the mental strength to not let anything good or bad effect you. Focusing on what you are doing. Giving yourself to every shot is all you can ask from yourself. Accept everything. You’ll learn to become mentally tough enough to do what needs to be done while under mental and physical pressure
It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, or how hard you train, if you aren’t tough enough, you won’t win. It’s the reason a lot of golfers who have success as an amateur can’t replicate it when they go pro – they just aren’t tough enough. Chris trains players to become persistent, focused and confident in their shot-making—especially on their bad days, so they are more in control of their emotional and physiological state when competing under pressure. His prime objective is on making players build a higher threshold of tolerance for disappointment and adversity, so they can bounce-back from set-backs more quickly and easily.

Learning The Skills Necessary To Win

Chris has the unwillingness to take the easy way. He concentrates on the player's weakest skills and mindset —the skills and mental aspects that aren't good enough and will make a bigger difference to their bottom line

The Initial Consultation

  • Completion of player profile form - 1 hour
  • Full Assessment - 3 hours

How To Book My Initial Consulation

Chris invites you to call him on +44 7968 104268 or to complete the form below and Chris will promptly get in contact with you.