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ReMax Long Driving Average: 0 - 140 mph in 1.6 second | PGA Tour Average: 0 - 114 mph in 1.5 seconds | LPGA Tour Average: 0 - 95 mph in 1.4 seconds

In the present and future world of golf, your performance depends on your ability to create driver ball speeds above 170 mph. This is only to be tour average. Amongst the top 50 world ranking are the longest drivers of the ball. The world of tournament golf both professional and amateur has evolved into athleticism. No longer can you be just straight. You now have to be long and straight. The demands that you will need to place on your body to exert forces to produce this will require you to evaluate your body's condition.

How Does The Body Create Power In The Golf Swing?

Learn To create power in your golf swing

The golf swing from address to impact can take less than 1.3 seconds. In order to have the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements as is the case for the golf swing, the two components of power are strength and speed.

Your training is based upon developing and generating high explosive movement and learning how this is transferred into the swing. A prerequisite for power training is to develop skill sets in a specific order to generate increased balance, stability, mobility, speed and strength. Furthermore, in order for the body to achieve explosive capabilities training the nervous system to react faster is also another main focus area. This is vital as it allows for rapid transmission of information throughout the body enabling quicker and more explosive reaction to muscular stress.

Each person generates power in a different way and sends the information from the brain to the body through the nervous system. Horizontally, rotationally and vertically are the three ways in which we use the body to create power. Some use just one whilst others use all three. Regardless of how you generate power, what is vital is to determine which ones you naturally use. Once this is established all programs are generated based upon those muscle groups associated with that source and optimising your movement pattern.

Learn To Create Power To Hit The Golf Ball A Long Way

Fitness programs for recreational and tour level players certainly differ, but the goal of any program should be the same: to change the composition and reaction ability of your neuromuscular system to develop a more power. Regardless of your talent level, available time, or level of fitness, Chris can provide you options for undertaking an effective program. Chris has studied Sports Science & Exercise at University, TPI certified and specialises in power development for long distance driving.

In his UK golf coaching facility, Chris uses the SwingCatalyst system which includes their 3D Force plate which measures vertical, horizontal and torque forces. Combined with his 3D biomechanics suit which measures every movement in you swing, a complete understanding of how you generate power and where power leakage is located enables Chris to design a golf power training program specific to your needs.
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