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Scoring Specialist | TrackMan Master | Golf Biomechanist | Performance Psychology Specialist

Recognised as one of the world's top specialists

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His unique and different approach is perfect for players who are seeking a determined and enthusiastic coach who will challenge and motivate you.

Chris’s own motivation for being part of a player's success makes him greatly sought after by European and LET Tour professionals. This also includes serious amateurs who have the determination to reach their full potential.

With over 20 years of experience specialising on player performance, Chris also shares his knowledge presenting at seminars, conferences and webinars to top coaches around the world. He also conducts his own workshops and mentorship programmes at his facility in the UK and worldwide.

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FMT 16 stage screening, power screening, on course TrackMan data collection, TrackMan Combine Test, 3D Biomechanics Analysis, SAM PuttLab Analysis

International Coaching

Chris will travel direct to you. He currently coaches amateurs and professionals in Arizona, Florida, Seattle and Europe.

Performance Adversity

Providing the gateway to regaining performance and the tools to prevent reoccurrences of severe loss of form.

Tournament Support

Its no surprise to Chris's players to see him fly out the moment they need him. His passion is to see you succeed.

Tournament Scoring

Develop the essentials required to score 71 during a B game round.

Power | Fitness | Medical

Maximise your power performance, achieve dynamic range of motion for your swing and rehabilitate or prevent long term injuries.

3D Biomechanical Analysis

Provides critical information required for analysing swings including biofeedback training to achieve your goals and reach your full potential

Online Support

This is the best way to improve your golf game if you cannot get a one on one lesson with Chris.