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About the only thing you can't do is ignore Chris. Listen to him. He first spent time watching me hit shots both on the course then in his Lab. He then did various measurements and screenings to collect data. Chris then asked me to swing care free so he could watch how my body wants to naturally move. I found this hard to do at first because I had become over technical and very "ball strikey". Having hit several shots we sat down and he talked about his findings. Chris told me that I had lost my swing identity over a period of time or even never knew it. He was explaining who I was in the context of a motion. He told me that the faster I move the better my body coordinates and I generate power through jumping! This was a surprise since I was told that I needed to slow down by others. He continued further and by the end of his explaination I was laughing because it was a revelation and a fasincating insight into what was invisible without technology. What Chris does so brilliantly is he figures out how your body naturally wants to move and generate power through a variety of screenings, compares that to the way you move during the swing then sets about adding, removing and sequencing until they both match and becomes optimised. I have never moved so freely before and produced power because all the body segments are communicating with each other. I love how I am hitting the ball.
Maria Beautell. LET Professional

Develop The Tools To Build A Tournament Tough Game

Chris designs specific training programmes for aspiring golfers working towards pursuing a top amateur or professional playing career as well as professionals who are taking their game to the next level. The approach is designed with an integrated approach to learning and will develop all aspects of your game technical, physical, mental and playing skills in a structured training environment.

Your training is based upon a Personal Development Program (PDP) created from a complete assessment of your personal profile, technique, fitness, flexibility and skill. Nearly all of his clients are long term students who understand that to make substantial improvements to their game, there is no such thing as a quick fix and therefore take tuition as an on going development program. Players who are taught by Chris focus on one change at a time. Only when the change has become natural and thoughtless does the focus switch to the next improvement. All the modifications are listed prior to work being commenced and a specific development program is made which can often be a one, two or three year plan. Throughout your progress you will be taught how to manage your training and understand your swing mechanics to become a complete golfer.

Your training will be of the highest level with the most sophisticated equipment used. The demands placed on your training will be great in order to produce the results that meet your needs. His experience of training Professionals on the European and US PGA Tours coupled with his unique approach, enthusiasm and attitude to coaching makes his services greatly sought after.  

Performance Lab

Chris uses the best analysis and biofeedback equipment at his facility in the UK providing you with the most effective training solutions. It boasts a total lab setup for the performance player who demands the best including SwingCatalyst 3D Motion system, AMM and K-Vest, TrackMan 4 and SAM PuttLab

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