Full Assessment
Chris's approach to coaching is like no other. He wants to know as much about you and your game and what you are aspiring to achieve before going any further.

This unique consultation assesses your game. Information will be collated to provide you with a “baseline” of where your present game sits relative to your goals. This information will form basis of your detailed personalised programme. This personalised programme will ensure you are coached and trained in the best possible way for your learning styles.

The assessment is the most comprehensive swing evaluation, ball-control skills testing and on-course performance analysis. The concept of development programs is build upon the weakest link in order to improve performance.  Without gaining a complete understanding of what a player is capable of doing on and off the course, it makes it impossible to develop a player specific periodisation plan. Chris believes every player can improve their scoring capabilities if they practiced their weakest skill.
  • FMT 16 stage screening
  • Power screening
  • On course TrackMan data collection
  • TrackMan Combine Test
  • 3D Biomechanics Analysis
  • SAM PuttLab Analysis
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3D Biomechanics

Chris uses AMM & K-Vest 6DOF biomechanic systems and provides you with expert analysis of your swing biomechanics with data on body, arm, hand and club movements in addition to kinematic sequence.
Real-time position and orientation of various parts of the body (head, shoulders, arms, hips, hands, club, etc.) are collected during your swing - all in 6 dimensions. Chris integrates this with SAM force plate, TrackMan and GASPLab 4 to provide you with an optimal swing assessment. This environment is then used to provide you with biofeedback training which enables you to develop “feel” and speed up the adaptation process.

Reaching new levels of performance

Serious golfers need to attain  high levels of skill, and by using 3D technology that helps improve techniques and physical performance new levels of performance are now being achieved through sports science biomechanics. 3D technology helps you reach your peak fitness and golf performance.

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Factual Analysis & Biofeedback

3D analysis of the swing is considered to be an MRI scan enabling Chris to look beyond the visual appearance of the swing and diagnose where the source of the problem is.   

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3D Biomechanical Analysis Determines
How Efficient & Powerful You Are

The avatars and graph show four colored curves; they represent the turning speed of the hips, (red), and ribcage, (green), and the swing speed of the lead arm, (blue), and club, (brown), throughout the whole swing. The most interesting part is the downswing near the middle of the graph. Here you see each curve accelerate (go up) and decelerate (go down). An efficient, world class swing, shown in this example, you will notice smooth, sequential acceleration and deceleration of each body part with each peaking higher and later than the previous one, with the club peaking last, exactly at impact. This sequence shows maximum  transfer of energy from each component of the body to the ball.
The Kinematic Sequence is also used to analyse your swing and determine how efficient and powerful it is.

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Corrective Changes

The data collected enables Chris to ascertain whether the problems are as a result of physical issues or technique motor patterns. With 3D biofeedback corrective exercises and drills can be performed to reeducate the swing and body. 

Power & Fitness
Fitness programs for recreational and tour level players certainly differ, but the goal of any program should be the same: to change the composition and reaction ability of your neuromuscular system to develop a more consistent golf swing. Regardless of your talent level, available time, or level of fitness, Chris can provide you options for undertaking an effective program.

Chris is a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 3 instructor. TPI is the world’s leading educational organisation and research facility dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. He has also studied Sport Science and Exercise at University level. Chris will take you through a golf specific screening consisting of a 16 stage physical examination using K-Vest 6D. Chris will then set you a programme based on the results to help overcome any issues.
In addition to this Chris is also a qualified TPI Fitness and Power Coach enabling you to learn & increase your power & fitness to gain maximum efficiency

  • A 16 stage test to ascertain limitations in stability and mobility that can create restrictions in the ability to swing efficiently and be able to physically make a technique change

  • For players who are seeking to maximise their power performance & achieve dynamic range of motion for the swing

  • Players who require improved fitness levels to perform at the highest level in their category.
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SAM PuttLab Analysis

Chris has recently installed SAM PuttLab in his Performance Studio and is currently only one of 16 facilities in England and the only coach in the South of England to use SAM PuttLab analysis equipment.

It gives players a scientifically precise feedback on all relevant parameters of their putting stroke. For the first time SAM PuttLab allows an individual and sensationally efficient putt-training with ascertainable success. Already today 26 European and American Tour Pros and several European national teams trust the performance of Science&Motion.
SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyses the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.
Discover your individual strengths and weaknesses and improve your putting with using the world’s best equipment. Within seconds the system gives you an individual feedback on your strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.
Your initial session will be a 1.5 hour appointment which can then be followed by 1 hour sessions. All lessons utilise the latest technology including Video analysis, SAM Puttlab, Forceplate analysis and K-Vest 6D.
Recommended lesson time for 'first time' students is 2 hours. Shorter session times are available.

  • Observation and date capture (approx 20 mins)
  • Video Camera capture using SwingCatalyst
  • SAM Puttlab Analysis
  • Ball roll assessment
  • Biomechanics of set up
  • Assessment of movement dynamics of body and putter
  • Ball roll dynamics (Launch, skid and roll)
  • Development of blue print for future training
  • Working through proposed changes
  • Provision of feedback to direct learning
  • Advice on putter fitting/ ideal putter specification
  • Practice structure, routines and training aids.
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TrackMan Combines

The ‘combines’ are a unique series of tests that allow you and Chris to assess strengths and weaknesses your game as well as compare their performance to other peer groups. The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots, each of which is scored on a scale of 0-100. When the test is completed, every player receives:

  • A TrackMan Combine score for every yardage

  • An aggregate TrackMan Combine score

  • A percentile ranking for each yardage - based on the selected peer group

  • The average distance from pin at every yardage

  • The average driver distance and accuracy

The TrackMan Combine database consists of thousands of scores. The range of participants stretches from Major Championship winners to 25 handicappers and every­where in between. With TrackMan Combine’s worldwide acceptance and web-based services, the database will continue to grow at a very rapid pace.

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Features & Benefits
  • Each yardage is scored to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Time efficient: Around 35 minutes with immediate feedback.

  • Compare yourself to peer groups & internationally ranked players.

  • Results are hosted online on your TrackMan account at

  • allows students and teachers to review results anytime.

  • Initiate discussions like: technique, equipment and goal setting.

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TrackMan Know Your Distances
Determine your exact carry for each club. Total Yardages vs. Carry Yardages - players often add their actual carry distance to a presumed "normal" amount of roll to come up with their "Total Yardage." But conditions like wind, green texture, green speed and slopes vary far too much to use these "total" yardages to plan your shots. If you want to play to your potential, you need to learn and play with your realistic carry yardages and not your estimated total yardages. The session type provides you with your best opportunity to discover your carry yardages.
Don't plan for the perfect shot. Learn your
realistic carry yardages.TrackMan gives you the information you need to make good decisions on the course.
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On Course

These sessions enable you to bridge the gap between the practice range and the course. Your training on the course will consist of collecting TrackMan data on shots to determine the successful transition from the practice range to the course.
For example, you have increased your driver club speed on the range to 105 mph but are you taking it to the course and under pressure? The ability to measure will help you determine whether you have successfully achieved this.

Through productive on course coaching you can overcome

  • Shot issues

  • Course management

  • Develop new shots

  • Train under pressure

  •  Pressure Coping Strategies

  • Distance control

  • Awkward Lies

  • Long and Short Play

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Performance Coaching
An opportunity to work with Chris on any aspect of your game. Using visualisation tools and other equipment to gain better understanding of the correct feel for the specific improvement. These sessions include a detailed analysis of your present technique, key points to work on with a specific plan for continued improvement.
30 Minutes
This is an ideal session to use as a “checkup” on your weeks golfing performance. It can also be useful as quality practice/ warm up prior to playing allowing Chris to provide you with instant feedback whilst you hit golf balls. Done in the comfort of his private coaching studio using all of his equipment whilst benefiting from the additional features that include multi camera motion videos, TrackMan™, K-Vest and SAM Putt Lab.

The entire session is recorded to CD creating your own personal instructional video. Your swing is also saved on the computer database for later comparisons.

While the 30 minute Private Session is ideal to quickly fine tune your game, Chris only provides this program to his returning students. This lesson is based strictly upon availability.
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60/90/120/180 Minutes
An opportunity to intensify your training with Chris on any aspect(s) of your game. Using visualisation tools and other equipment to gain better understanding of the correct feel for the specific improvement. These sessions includes a detailed analysis of your present technique, key points to work on with a specific plan for continued improvement and a recording of the session to take home with you.
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Half & Full Days
Book Chris for entire a half or full day and experience a complete makeover of your game in this one-on-one coaching session. All aspects of the game are covered and instruction is custom tailored to you, the individual.
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Titleist Custom Fitting
With Chris there's no easier way to maximize your potential. Chris is a Titleist Qualified FittingWorks Professional and has created a comfortable, advanced environment so you can discover how Chris and Titleist equipment can improve your performance. This isn't just a custom fitting and coaching, it's a precision fitting and coaching.

Using high speed cameras and TrackManTM Chris can capture all of a student's relevant swing data, including swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, attack and path angles so enable him to optimise club selection to best match an individual golfer's swing. A proper driver fitting with TrackManTM can often add as much as 30-50 yards to a golfer's drive.
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