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SAM PuttLab | SAM BalanceLab | TrackMan Putting | Perfect Putter

1.5 Putts Per Hole

Lets Prove It

Can you

  1. Read the putt and consistently strike the ball at the correct speed
  2. Start the ball on the intended line

Green Reading & Speed Selection

In order to only determine your skill level at green reading and speed selection, Chris has devised this test which involves the player using the Perfect Putter device to eliminate the player's stroke.

Launch Direction

TrackMan is used to precisely measure in degrees your accuracy at launching the ball consistently at the start line. The data collected will identify your tendencies in various situations ie. slope, pressure.
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The variables surrounding these three parameters are measured and rated through a series of tests that Chris has devised from a science based perspective. These include:

  • The 4 types of putting break tests
  • Green reading test
  • Speed control
  • Start line tests
  • Ball Performance test
  • 6D Motion Analysis and Pressure
  • Vision tests
  • Putter Analysis

What Is The Duration

  • Baseline Evaluation - 2 hours

How To Schedule

Click on the link below which will direct you to Chris's online booking system.


At his facility in the UK the mechanics of the stroke are coached in his PuttLab at Performance Golf. It hosts SAM PuttLab and BalanceLab, multiple high speed cameras and TrackMan. The performance aspect of putting is coached outside on the massive USGA green. Every type of slope is available on this green which runs at tour average speeds enabling players to be coached on a familiar smooth surface.

When it comes to mechanics Chris is not a method coach. He uses technology to work on your natural movement, to make it consistent and repetitive under pressure and to deliver to the results. Chris works on all aspects of your putting and from experience has determined that predominantly the route cause putting issues stem from poor green reading and speed instead of stroke mechanics.
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