Chris Brook
Reaching Higher Levels of Performance
Chris is a 3D Golf Biomechanist, International Golf Coach, PGA Qualified, TrackMan Master Professional, K-Vest Level 3 Certified, TPI Certified Instructor and Medical ACE Expert.

Chris specialises
in coaching Professionals on several tours including the European, US, LET & LET Access. He also works with serious amateurs who have the passion and the determination to reach their full potential. As a result of his extensive knowledge of golf biomechanics and kinematic efficiency he has steadily built himself a reputation for being an instructor of both tournament professionals and elite amateurs. He also does extensive research  and compiles 3D swing dynamics data on elite players.  
He offers his students the best possible coaching and development opportunities with the use of  the worlds most sophisticated equipment which includes TrackMan™IIIe, K-Vest 6 DOF,SAM BalanceLab, SAM PuttLab & SwingCatalyst. All of his clients know him as being a warm enthusiastic person with the ability to communicate in simple terms some of the most complex aspects of the game.
TrackMan Master

The TrackMan University Master title is awarded exclusively and only by invitation to individuals who has contributed to TrackMan and / or TrackMan University.

TrackMan University Partners are highly respected members of the golf community and they share our enthusiasm for the TrackMan technology and data parameters.
TrackMan University Partners will be invited as guest speakers at Users Conferences, Certification Workshops and / or other TrackMan events.